Our Company - History

In 1927 Wilhelm Spindler, the father and/or grandfather of the present company owners, having already been the Manager of Spindler Kartonagen in Munich, established the first Tettau cardboard box manufacturing plant in Tettau, his home town. Initially he produced cardboard packaging boxes for glass and porcelain factories in a room in his parents' house. In 1931 an extension was built to the house for workshop premises, storage and offices.

When the sales of plain cardboard packaging declined in the economical difficult period between 1932 and 1935 the owner started to produce luxury cardboard boxes. After all the buildings were burnt down on 22nd September 1947 the house and business was rebuilt on a larger scale after the currency reform of 1948.


The topping out ceremony could be celebrated at the fair in October 1948 and production was restarted again by Christmas 1948. At this time the owner's eldest son, Hermann Spindler, having just finished his education, started in the business. Production could now be constantly increased and refined. In 1952 the manufacturing of transparent packaging was included in the range.

Since the death of the company founder Wilhelm Spindler, in 1956 the company had been managed by both sons Hermann and Alfons Spindler. Alfons Spindler continued to manage the transparent department of the company. With new and attractive products Hermann Spindler won customers from near and far over the course of time. At the start of 2001 the company founder's 3rd generation, the grandchildren, started work at the company.


Due to extensive expansions, modernisation and rationalisation in production, product innovation and constantly superb staff it has been possible over time to manufacture cardboard packaging of such good quality that it is recognised and appreciated everywhere. It is possible to manufacture products with the highest precision and in large batch sizes using modern, mainly fully automatic facilities. But even small series can be produced with proven handcraft.

Alongside plain cardboard packaging and individual customer gift boxes whole games are produced today and are dispatched in single varieties and sorted displays directly to end customers according to customer mailing lists.

Precious gifts from the most diverse industries, packaged in Spindler Kartonagen GmbH & Co. KG products are today offered and sold on markets all over the world.